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dollie cave

little angels in my hand

the OFFICIAL dollmore community
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name: brandon
birthdate: 1/9
blood Type: A+
height: 5'3"

birth Place: a desert
location: the ocean
family: my dog; inanimate objects
shoe size: US 9.5

personality: intelligent; quirky; eccentric
preferred personality: funny; quick witted
disliked personality: Uneducated ; haughty/proud

hobbies: gothic-lolita; drawing/painting; rococo
loves: music; paintings; art galleries; dollfies; cooking; ramen
favourite food: ramen(oriental; spicy vegetable; chili)
favourite animal: cats; whales; narwhals
favourite flower: sakura; weed flowers
favourite colour: pink; seafoam; green; all browns
favourite place: mushroom palace
i'm in ravenclaw!

This community was started by me (trees_in_house) and the owner of dollmore.com and the dollmore franchise is dm-jee.
This is just a community to show off or chat about any type of dollfie but mainly dollmore dolls, hence the title.
You may post FAQs about any dollfie type(hair dyeing, stringing, sanding, etc.,) but doll erotica is NOT allowed. If you choose to post items such as this, you may be banned/deleted from the community. For doll erotica, see dollerotica.livejournal.com. If it's artistic, fine, but put a link to it or put a "nudity warning" sign on it.
If you can, post pictures of your doll, and your posts should relate to the dollfie community. :)
If someone asks you a "stupid/dumb/unanswerable" question, ask me, and i'll look it over.
First of all, be nice to one another, and no flame wars. If I or Jee see you flaming and/or re-flaming, however many members are doing so, will be banned.
If you don't have a dollfie, don't post fake pictures. If you do, you will be banned.
No profanity.
If we see any problems, we will watch you.
Lastly, HAVE FUN!!!

If there are any questions about modifying profiles, or anything like that, just e-mail me, not Jee.

Check the website link to see all of the Dollmore dolls!!!
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