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dollfie obsession [Feb. 24th, 2007|12:39 pm]
the OFFICIAL dollmore community
[location |dollie cave]
[music |fugly betsy]

this is an lj community just for dollmore!
if anybody would like to join, just ask me and tell me why you are interested!!

From: (Anonymous)
2007-02-25 02:01 pm (UTC)

thanks trees_in_house

hi~ hi~

thanks for helpful~!!!

I'm glad that it's made now~~

I will be visiting at here everyday~~

thanks a lot~~

~ Dollmore Jee.
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[User Picture]From: catcara
2008-11-17 05:39 am (UTC)

Searching for the Evgeneia Brothers

Hi Dollie Cave !

I have one of the Evgeneia Hanoels... here, in New York. ... On the LiveJournal, we have been trying to find the other nine brothers to connect them as a family.

If you look on my LiveJournal, under the tag 'Evgeneia' or 'Dollmore' ... you can see the progress we have made. Several are in Russia, and one is in Germany.

We would like someone to contact the Asian communities for us... or, if Dollmore could contact the original buyers and please tell them that we are looking for them.

We would like to share the Evgeneias back with Dollmore through pictures.

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